These are my LOVE projects. These are some of the things that make my heart pump.
Chalking, painting, throwing my friend's elaborately themed parties, craft circles, bringing people together to make things (whatever the thing!) drawing, coloring, bedazzling, gardening, and teaching yoga. 

"The Chalk-ras" 
We are a group of yogi-minded friends who love coloring with chalk. We gather in public places to color, share chalk, and create a casual space for people in the community to participate in coloring and making connections. 

Outside of my professional life as a maker, I craft. I throw parties. I celebrate. To me, crafting is about the meditative and community space and process of making. I don't concern myself much with what exactly I'm making or how great the finished product will be. My JOY is in making the messes and creating the space for friends to come together and work with their hands.

Making sashes for the people I love! The idea first came to me when my BFF ran a marathon. She loves Beyonce so I put some suitably pertinent Bey lyrics on her sash! Followed by another BFF's Bachelorette party, I made sashes for all the homies. More to come!

Celebrating the people I love with parties, cake, and of course, making suitably themed decorations! Hot air balloon baby showers, picnic themed surprise parties, candlelight pagan dinner parties..
I believe in ALWAYS finding a reason to party. 

Drawing, sketching, making collages..