Maker / Planner / Sewer / Developer / Designer / Hustler / Gardener / Yogini

Monday through Friday you can find me on that 9 to 5 grind. I design and develop home goods and apparel for a textile mill in Western North Carolina. Extremely passionate about the Made in America movement.
I will talk your ear off about the concept of Make on Demand manufacturing if you let me. 
Obsessed with historic textile factories, especially that of the southern variety. 

In some of my professional past lives I've managed development for all of the adult tees in the Disney stores in North America (that is A LOT of mickey mouse tees), designed collections of beautiful American Made collegiate sweaters, tailored wovens, socks, and tees for the now bygone School House Apparel, official factory Girl-Friday to the then-start-up-now-booming Raleigh Denim, interned with the delightful Betsy Johnson herself in 2008, worked backstage for several New York Fashion Week shows , and propelled myself through college working as a Makeup Artist while routinely blowing my sales goals out of the water.

My hobbies include throwing elaborately themed parties in my beautiful garden, growing vegetables, reading everything (add me on!), graphic design, bedazzling, yoga, group fitness classes of any kind, making floral arrangements, hiking, exploring, and attending local story/poetry slams.

I'm a current student at Asheville Yoga Center in their 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program. 
So far, the program has been immensely powerful. I'm learning and practicing more than I ever have. I am very grateful for this opportunity to study and grow my practice at AYC over the next 9 months!

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IG: @PinkertonPlaid